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  • Web sites marketing

    The best way to push your site to where the money is earned is to promote it using cutting-edge marketing tools

  • Projects support

    You can’t allow your business not to have an optimized, fast, and appealing site – the development service will solve that

  • Web sites development

    A project is a complex set of tasks, people, resources, and interactions. We are ready to handle them all efficiently and professionally


  • Mobile Application
  • Srm system
  • Landing page
  • Online store
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cyber security
  • Crm system
  • Corporate site


The quality developed site is the essential core of your business. No matter what type of a website you need, today it must correspond to multiple demands of users and outstand your brand in the world of billions online sites. If you need a valuable and modern addition to your business, a site that is able to sell, bring information to your audience and maintain your brand awareness, you have to address to professionals of their business. And as you have come to us, you are in the right place.

We know how to unite it with any internal/external system of accounting and client management that you might have: 1C, CRM, SRM, call center, and so on. Extensive experience and thorough knowledge of cutting-edge technologies are only a few starting points of our developers’ skills. Do you want quality? We will provide it for you!

We are able to design and develop for you any site to interact with your audience and cover your necessities.

Programming skills

WEB — Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, NodeJS, AngularJS 1&2, ReactJS.

Mobile — iOS (Swift, Objective C), Android.

UI/UX & Branding design.


Luck find

LuckFind is the lost-and-found office online, which goal is to find the lost things and return them.

This project is social and does not imply the commercial part.


Web site

This exploitation data system is the software that was designed specifically for "Inkomtehnika company" only for the internal use, with the goal of the improvement of service quality, interaction with the clients, and making records about the activity of the company.


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